Towards A Safe Economic and preventing Economic Crisis

Towards A Safe Economic and preventing Economic Crisis


Establishing a Directory of “Investment and Business Intelligence” In economic institutions and major Banks and investment companies


World Conference on Science Engineering and Technology, Paris, France, June 2014, WCSET 2014

Work Paper By

Mr. Moustapha Ebaid 

Work Paper Summery


In light of accelerated technological development and research methods of modern intelligence and access to so-called methods are investment and business intelligence to marketing that has spread in most of the world, it has become necessary to develop and establish a specialized department in this regard so-called “Investment and business intelligence”, which would contribute to a lot of processes necessary to build strategies and policy-making and to identify actions and decisions necessary to achieve corporate goals, and building on what has been reached conclusions through research and analytic studies prepared by the department and in coordination with appropriate State policy and needs to achieve the best results within the context in line with the orientations and aspirations of the state in general to enhance the economic security and prevent economic crisis.

 This Paper will clarify details process of developing this new management structures within economic institutions, banks and various investment companies, which operate within the environment of the region or aspire, to enhance economic security in accordance with the strategic vision in harmony with, and consistent with the objectives of those institutions and banks and companies.

Paper contents

1 – general and specific objectives of the developed Directory:

Which can be identified and drawn accurately in coordination with the highest economic authorities in the country, consistent with the pot so that the various objectives for the departments of investment and business intelligence in all institutions and is in the pot and one to be achieving the objectives of the country in general, which is aimed at achieving economic security in it and prevent Economic Crisis.

2 – Place of the Directory  in the structure of the institution:

It will be necessary to occupy the Chamber developed a unique place in the structure of the institution, so that it can communicate with senior Directory  of the institution of the senior Directory  and outside the organization with other similar institutions or even with the higher authorities in the country, part of a mechanism could be determined by those authorities to all institutions.

3 – Vertical and horizontal relations of the organizational department with other departments:

Like all other departments of the usual directories, but will be characterized by this administration that it may link other relationships and entanglements outside the scope of the institution, which sometimes may be “Non Organized”, for the reason of may be called “keeping secret” and to ensure achieving major authority goals that may be higher the goals of the institution , but it remains essential that the relationship with higher authorities must be clear, specific and organized by the regulations and restrictions and to be control the work of these departments with an integrated and coordinated commensurate with the aspirations of the state to promote economic security in the country and prevent Economic Crisis.

4 – The authorities and the responsibility of the developed Directory:

It may be necessary, but it is also important, that this department has the absolute power of informatics, although it may not have the usual administrative authorities that may enable them to make decisions, but it would be as the “Eye” that sees, analyze and provide accurate advice to senior Directory  in the organization as well as the highest country’s economic authority, and of course this can rise from an advise to become binding in some way by the highest authorities in the country.

5 – Documentary and informational session in the directory:

In addition to can be in any other department of documentary and informational session of the routine, but this directory will have further ramifications for the documentary according to its relations with other similar departments from outside the organization or even with the top economic authorities in the country, which will be sometimes “Economic Secrets” according to the discretion of those authorities, as required by the necessary mechanism to achieve its goals.

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