Intelligent Dynamic Management Systems

Work Paper: Intelligent Dynamic Management Systems


World Conference on Science Engineering and Technology, Paris, France, June 2014, WCSET 2013

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Mr. Moustapha Ebaid


The modern management methods is now the most important challenges faced by the major countries in the new era, the era of globalization and the boom of informatics, which founded the urgent need for the development of those systems  and constantly in a recorded periods, it has made a lot of efforts to develop administrative systems commensurate with this age, so that there can be observed an accumulation for a number of systems that are being developed and the methods that are vaccinated in those systems to be in line with the age and technical and humanitarian requirements in all respects, and it is not an exaggerate that there are administrative systems that have been developed over a years and indispensable within a few months or even in the test period due for failing to keep up other recent developments which were faster than the time elapsed in the development of those systems.

Despite the virtual proliferation of some modern management methods, which has an attractive full benefits that tend to the welfare more than the seriously and hard work atmosphere in many corners, like those of Google Inc. and other global, which hits the ideal in terms of efficiency and productivity, excellence and creativity, but all This attractive figure has crashed on the reality applied rock when it reproduced in its virtual form and been applied in other institutions which is “non-informative” one, because of the variety of its internal management system and not fits in with its data, outputs and methods and the dealing way for measures of success and failure.

The magic solution for the development of modern management systems to be in line with this era and its developments which will come in the coming decades, and to be applied virtually in all types of institutions that aspire to the minimum of success, and for not to be just a Not applicable hollow clone, is the gradual transformation to what it can be called “Dynamic Management Systems”, which is Intelligent Systems can “discriminate” responsibilities and achievements with the necessary accuracy and efficiency evaluation process according to specific measurement mechanism and make a re-distribution of tasks and responsibilities according to the results of that measurement for a specific time periods, just as it is applied in some molecules work like Marketing, but it is expanded here to include all departments and divisions and all levels of management, and the closest analogy for these systems is currently being applied in universities in its academic staff, they are going according to mechanism of production and evaluation of academic tight both locally and globally, with some differences core of course .

Despite all the difficulties that can be faced when starting to apply this transformation, even if it was gradually, but these difficulties is very small compared to what can be faced of the administrative intractable problems which may appear in the future with this huge number of changes and rapid developments at both the technological artistic or humanitarian competitive who are looking for success, on the one hand, this solution will meet needs of measurement which lead to the modern continuous development and renewal, on the other hand, it will create a situation of dynamic competitive which lead to increase productivity and efficiency motivated to achieve personal success or maintain it, also it will result in the gradual reduction of the invisible administrative problems that usually accumulate and results vexing the responsibilities among the various departments and deferent levels of administration.


Dynamic Management, Intelligent Dynamics,  Management Systems, Intelligent Systems.

I. The Idea

The Idea of this work paper is to find a way to move slowly to an “Intelligent Dynamic Management Systems” and start to use it in specific establishments which may be more suitable to use it as a beginning stage until finding a more specific planed way for moving for other more complicated establishments and, after knowing more about any bugs if it exist, and to develop all details during this period of initial applying until finding a full complete universal intelligent system that may used for all types of establishments.

As a simple example of this idea and how it will be applied, suppose that there is an establishment which is specialized in Marketing, and it have a 5 geographic branches A,B,C,D,E and each branch have 5 Departments a,b,c,d,e,f.

And the goal is to apply the intelligence dynamic management system for this establishment, so it need to put a terms for to occupy the manager position for each branch manager and also the other 5 positions under his supervision.

So the position of any branch manager and all its departments managers will be taken for a specific period of time, let it be here for 1 month as an example, and every month the intelligent management system will pick a new manager from the 5 departments managers that work under the branch manager, all of them have the same chance to occupy the position as if it was an open Competition and the winner will be the person who match the best terms that the system, terms about his Efficiency and Productivity in the month before, and so on every month.

So deferent combinations can be generated every month of forming every branch team work of one manager and his 5 departments heads who work under his supervisor and this combinations appearance will depends on the Efficiency and Productivity of every person in the competition.

II. Simplified Example

As the above establishment example which have 5 branches and 5 departments in each branch each department have 5 employees.

The general employment competition situation for this establishment will be like this way:

5 employees and head of “a” are compete to occupy head of the department “a” in branch A

5 employees and head of “b” are compete to occupy head of the department “b” in branch A

5 employees and head of “c” are compete to occupy head of the department “c” in branch A

5 employees and head of “d” are compete to occupy head of the department “d” in branch A

5 employees and head of “e” are compete to occupy head of the department “e” in branch A

The head of departments a,b,c,d,e in branch A and the manager of branch A are compete to be Manager of the branch “A”

The head of departments a,b,c,d,e in branch B and the manager of branch B are compete to be Manager of the branch “B”

The 5 heads of departments a,b,c,d,e in branch C and the manager of branch C are compete to be Manager of the branch “C”

The 5 heads of departments a,b,c,d,e in branch D and the manager of branch D are compete to be Manager of the branch “D”

The 5 heads of departments a,b,c,d,e in branch E and the manager of branch E are compete to be Manager of the branch “E”

And in this case, every period there will be a new final results of Efficiency and Productivity for everyone in the competition who look for to occupy, or keep, specific position for one next month, quarter, year or any period the system use, and so on.

III. Benefits of intelligent dynamic management systems

For such systems there may be many benefits as below:

1 – The offering of a fast upgrade to next level of employment will give a great push for all competitors to upgrade next period, this will make them make their best to make the benefits from this move and it will be fast enough and very close to get it, rather than waiting long time to get this chance.

2 – In the other hand, the probability of withdrawal a position from one success employee will also make him a push to keep his good work and to keep his position every time the system may occupy other one who may be more successful than him.

3 – The culture of competition will add a new benefits for the establishment, as it is the key for getting the best from all employee as they are looking for better position every small period to get more benefits.

4 – The new culture of competition in the establishment which use such systems will also add a new elements of suspense, and get out of routines which kills the creativity, and this type of competitions is proving every day that it is attractive even in the TV in many fields of fun and creativity, people like competition and feel more interesting and may travel long time to get into it, and it is great to use this in the work environment to get the best of their efficiency and productivity.

5 – For the ambition employee, this system will give him a chance to upgrade easy and faster as the chance is equal for all and come every period (month, or quarter or even year as examples), and this is better than he start to think to move to other establishment to find such chance, may be to change the place or the manager or the luck or even to look for just changing the routine and get more suspense to make better.

6 – For those employees or managers who have something deferent or a special style of work or strategy, there will be a great chance for them to use it in small range of work and then to have a chance to occupy higher level positions, this kind of persons will be much attracted to such systems as a competetion rather than waiting long time to find their chance or moving to try many other establishment until he find the place to do what he believe.

IV. Negatives of intelligent dynamic management systems

1 – This kind of systems may results in somehow changing in the strategies every small period as the system gives the higher position to a new person every time, but also this changing is may be changing to the better as the system is moving the better person UP and the bad person Down.

But in general, as much as the system is controlling the terms, and using a good elements scaling for this terms, it will make us face a small deference between strategies and also the change will be to the better.

2 – The type of classic employees may not be excited with such systems, they may be more satisfied with constant positions without a hot competitions around them, sure they may be in the game but may not care to upgrade every period, but this may make the establishment also have the more effective employees if it use this system, and also the classic employees, if they exists, will be like a normal scale that the establishment may use to find out who is UP and who is DOWN of this scale during every period, and even to know exactly how much such systems add to the establishment every period.

3 – There may be some difficulties when defining and put the scale of terms of the competitions for every positions, in fact it may need some periods to find out the suitable scales for Efficiency and Productivity that the system will use and there may be some few problems when applying first time. But in general it is clear that few problems in the beginning and then the great outcome is always better than staying in the same level for long time.

4 – The job satisfaction may not be fantastic for all employee every period, it may have some anger employee who just went down in a period, but the good news here is this one anger employee will still have the same chance next period if he found out what make him go down and start to recover, and also the other employee will feel better too as they just saw that one of their friends became their boss. So there will be 5 satisfied against 1 sad employee here and I think this is still a great thing.

5 – There may be some difficulties when applying such systems for some kinds of establishments, specially that kind which have difficulties in counting or computing the efficiency and productivity of the employees, but at least it still can be done in some departments in such establishments which will become the hot and attractive ones until making some more studies and researches for other departments to find a way to start using it

But even in this case it still have an attractive suspense for all other employee in other departments, who at least like to hear about it and to watch who win and who lose in that department which apply such systems.

V. Application Style of the systems

Application style will be deferent from establishment to other, and the most important thing that will make this deference is the type of work of the establishment in general, if it is a productive one, or service- one or any other type it may be.

The main issue here is how to compute the efficiency and productivity for the contestants employees, for example if there is a productivity which can be computed it will be easy to apply such systems. But in case it was a service- establishment it may use the customer satisfaction as the productivity for the contestants.

So, in general there may be a full detailed definition scales needed for all elements of terms for every positions that can be computed whatever was the way, and this will be the most important thing for such systems to be used and apply with the suitable way.

VI. Future Expected changing and its needs

When thinking about the future and what it may bring of many modern intelligent systematic of many details of our lifestyle, it is easy to start thinking about using an intelligent dynamic management system is one of the important square leg that needed for that future square to be in line with all developments  that is coming and will be around all details of our life, so it will be sure one of our challenge to rise the affectivity and productivity not only for our work but also its measurements tools and ways using such intelligent dynamic management systems, which will keep generate and excrete the best managers and thus will results the best output.

VI. Conclusion

If there is strategy look to the future and what it may bring to us among all this development of machine and half-machine work style, it will sure be recognized that humanity is moving towards a laziness in the field of classic employment fields specially who based his work on such machines or tools, and the competitive intelligence dynamic management systems will be then the most important engine of the human activity and the great motivation promotion to work better and even be creative to achieve the better level of production.

In this era, era of speed and fast move for everything, it is easy to notice that many thing is changing faster than before, and also the key of success for many humanitarian activities in many fields now is the competition culture, especially when it be in small periods or seasons and the goal become more close to be achieved faster, same as everything is moving fast around us, and this is an important tow elements (competition culture and fast goal achieving) which positively affected  and worked on finding motivation of creativity and hard working, same way as this types of conferences do every time when it make an invitation to submit working papers.

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