Intelligent Strategic Development Of Knowledge Societies

Book Name : Intelligent Strategic Development Of Knowledge Societies

Author Name: Mustafa F. Ebaid

Paperback, 100 pages, First Edition (May 2, 2015), Language: English

ISBN-10: 1512010707

ISBN-13: 978-1512010701

Book Dimensions: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches

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This Book

It is clear now that the world is rapidly progressing in variety vital fields in an integrated correlated way in all that fields, in all societies over the world. But the integration and correlation features, that played the important role in this progress is, unfortunately, have played also a bad role which lead to a rapidly growth of many visible, or even hidden, problems, specially for the “Knowledge Societies” which founded its development on the knowledge base and build its progress in all fields with an intelligent coherent correlated integrated way.

This book provides a proactive creative intelligent solutions for many visible and hidden problems as new vision for all knowledge societies before it become more fester and more complicated, or even with more negative effect on that societies. And It is consist of a connected sequences of articles and visions with creative ideas and theories that developed by the author in each field, which may considered together as in-depth studies that is aimed to resolve problems, and produce sustainable intelligent strategic development and renovation, included Social Contract Development and Intractable Conflicts Solutions, Education, Health, Research and Sports Systems, Security, Economy and Investment, Leadership and Senior Strategic Management Systems, Legal Systems, Measurement And Evaluation Systems. With the important correlation and integrity between all of that fields, which caused and created by the new era, the era of knowledge based societies.

Who Should Read This Book

This book comes to meet the needs of variety types of readers, as it combines between the simplicity of its language, scientific vision and the clarity of the ideas and its applications with realistic examples in the society, that make it a good choice for simple, educated or even high literate readers, specialist expert readers such as leaders, senior managers, strategic planners, decision makers, consultant, experts, researchers and analysts in all knowledge societies, who are looking for solving problems and providing a sustainable intelligent strategic development for their societies, including all vitality fields with an intelligent integrated connected coherent vision.

On the other hand, this book may be a good choice for the specialists readers, researchers, scientists, scholars, MA or PhD students who are interested in reading a connected series of subjects that aims to strategic development in variety fields of the modern knowledge societies, in an intelligent coherently and integrally way, to help them to obtain a full connected integrated view of all that fields and help them to make their own scientific effect towards their societies.

Book Cover

Intelligent Strategic Development Of Knowledge Societies
Intelligent Strategic Development Of Knowledge Societies
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