Mustafa Ebaid

Mustafa Ebaid

Dr. Mustafa Ebaid

Legal Researcher, specialized in law, international arbitration, economics, public administration, data science, statistics, mathematics, computer science and interested in interdisciplinary research.

He got a Bachelor of Science, department of Mathematics and Computer Science from Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University (1991), and a master’s degree in Information Technology, Relational Database Management Systems (2006), and PhD in Computer Science, Data Mining and Business Intelligence (2013) from AWU (Distance Learning). Later he studied Law and got a Bachelor of Law with excellent grades 90% and first order in the last year, from Faculty of Law, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, (2019).

After graduating from the Faculty of Law, he started a new line of research that is linking the fields of humanities and natural sciences in a new vision that combines Law, Economic, Mathematics and Computer Science in a way of producing so called “Laws and Legislation Engineering” or in general “Law Informatics”, that mix his new study of law with his long academic and practical cumulative multidisciplinary experience which started as a high school teacher of Physics, Mathematics and Statistics (1991), and system analyst and developer, researcher, and part time lecturer in Financial Administration, (1995). until he retired in (2017).

Now, he is a full-time researcher, and he is the author of many books, research, articles, and studies, key research ideas, and volunteer member in many activities that aimed in general at development and solving intractable problems in various vital fields in society. He is the founder and general manager of the Multi-Disciplines Research and Studies Center, (, a nonprofit personal volunteer work contributes to providing academic and practical scientific knowledge with a deep vision aims to develop and strengthen interdisciplinary academic and practical research culture in the community. Founder and editor-in-chief of Electronic Modern Research Journal, ISSN: 2520-5250.

He is member of Supreme Constituent Council of Creativity and Excellence live abroad, Turkey Branch.
Member of the List of International Training Consultants, United Nations.
Fellow Member of the European Law Institute (ELI) Brussels, Belgium – Vienna, Austria (Aims to make research and development of Law and Legislation in the European Union): Member of Special Interest Groups (SIGs): Digital Law, Tax Law, Insurance Law, Environmental Law, The European Union Law. Member of Consultative Committee (MCC) of Projects: Common Constitutional Traditions of the European Union, Block Chains and Smart Contracts, Access to Digital Assets, Business and Human Rights Law, Artificial Intelligence and Public Administration Law.
Law, Economic, Mathematics and Computer Science Independent Expert and Researcher, European Commission, European Union (Evaluation of Project Proposals). A judge specializing in technology and algorithm development.

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